NRF Junior Coaches

Most teams are led/coached by a parent or parents willing to look after a team for the season. It is a very rewarding experience and lots of fun too.  Courses, assistance and resources for all coaches will be available from the club and through Auckland Football. Please indicate on the registration form if you are interested in coaching a team or get in touch with the Director of Football on


There are many quality junior-specific resources and videos designed to create experiences that increase passion for the game, fundamental movement and playing skills. These are all available free on the NZ Football website HERE.

We recommend these resources as 'must-haves' for guidance on training and game-days:

  1. Team Coaches Information. A summary document to get you started with coaching your team.
  2. Training Guidelines. This has helpful tips for running your junior training sessions.
  3. Matchday Guidelines for U9-U10 and U11-U12. Get organised on match day with advice on formation, warm-up, playing time, and team talks.
  4. Junior Football Rules for U9-U10 and U11-U12. Key rules to be aware of that are specific to junior football in New Zealand.

Training resources:

  1. Gamecard collections 20222021202020192018 :basic and fun training sessions: Dribbling, Shooting, Ball Control, 1v1 and Passing.
  2. CUFC U9-U12 Curriculum. Suggested training plan for those who want to take a more 'traditional' approach than the above Gamecards. This is based on the Skills Centre sessions below.
  3. Skills Centre Sessions. 32 training sessions focusing on the core attacking and defending skills.
  4. CoachMate App

Matchday resources:

  1. Retreating Line Guide – This has information for the retreating line rule, as well as junior football rules, that are in place for all divisions for U9 to U12. There is also a video explaining it here.
  2. Pre-match Activities – Guidelines for pre-match warm-ups.
  3. Junior Football Regulations - Specific regulations for competitions run by Auckland Football Federation.